Guardianship Attorney Oklahoma City, OK - Establish Legal Guardianship

Guardianship - Children

Sometimes it is in a child's best interest not to be cared for by a parent, but rather by another family member or a friend. In those situations, we are able to obtain orders from the Court regarding the care and support of the child. We will assist the guardian responsible for caring for the child in preparing and presenting reports to the Court. Call Maria Tully Erbar today to get a FREE consultation!

Guardianship - Adult

Often persons who are unable to care for their own personal health concerns or for their property due to health issues or disability, require the assistance of a guardian. We can assist in obtaining a professional determination as to whether a guardian is necessary or convenient and in presenting the facts to the Court. We are also practiced in preparing the required periodic reports concerning the guardian and his or her property to the Court. 
If you have a loved one who may need a guardianship due to physical or mental limitations or old age, call us!
No matter if it's a child or adult, we can help you retain guardianship so that you can be sure they are cared for responsibly. 
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